Eddington Boards

The Three Boards of Eddington Church

The Session (or Board of Elders) oversees and administers all of the activities and programs of the Church.  The Session meets the Second Wednesday of each month.

The Deacons coordinate and oversee the “helping ministries” of the Church.  They minister to the sick and the homebound, manage the food pantry, and prepare and deliver food baskets for the needy at holiday times.

The Trustees manage the business aspects of the Church in conjunction with the Session.  They oversee and care for the building and grounds, and organize work days that help with the maintenance of the facility.

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Officers on these boards are elected by the congregation to terms of three years, with the option of serving a second term.  All Church members are encouraged to serve on boards when asked to do so by the Church’s Nominating Committee.  More information can be found by clicking on the buttons corresponding to each of these boards.