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It’s All About Jesus – July 7, 2019

Acts 3:11-4:4July 7, 2019 This story is part of the story we read last week, the one about Peter healing the lame man at the Temple gate.  As I said last week, those who thought they had stamped out the

The Real Solution – June 30, 2019

Acts 3:1-10June 30, 2019 Peter and John were going to the Temple for the hour of prayer.  And they weren’t alone! Many people were there.  All good Jews in Jerusalem would go to the Temple for prayer at several different

Body Building – June 23, 2019

Ephesians 4:11-16June 23, 2019 So, “Body Building.” Of course, that has to do with “building muscles,” “Pumping Iron,” and “Hittin’ the gym!”  In recent years, the “improvements” of our earthly bodies has become a big industry. (or “maintenance” or “renovation,” as

The Spirit in All of Us – June 16, 2019

Isaiah 61, Acts 2:14-24June 16, 2019 – Trinity Sunday This is Trinity Sunday. It is the day we recognize that we worship a “Triune God,”  meaning a God who is “Three in One.”  Now, that’s not an easy concept to “wrap

Waiting Together – May 26, 2019

Acts 1:12-14, (Acts 2:42-47)May 26, 2019 Last week we talked about the disciples and us, awaiting the return of Jesus to this earth.  We talked about how they believed his return was imminent.  But later, they had to “rethink” that

“What Are We Waiting For?” – May 19, 2019

II Kings 2:6-12, Acts 1:1-11May 19, 2019 “What are we waiting for?” We usually think of that as an expression of urgency or desire to do something, or maybe even impatience.  Or, it could even be excitement.  Somebody might say, “Would

Back to Normal – May 12, 2019

Psalm 67, John 21:1-14May 12, 2019 I know I’m using a “Hot Button” word today.  And it’s the word “normal.”  There are a lot of questions these days about what is “normal,” or what should be “normal.” And I don’t want

Blessed are Those Who Believe – May 5, 2019

Isaiah 35:1-10, John 20:19-29May 5, 2019 This is another of the Easter Day stories.  John tells us that the first part of this story took place “later that same day,” So it was Easter Day, the day of the Resurrection.  And

On the Road to Understanding – April 28, 2019

Luke 24:13-35, (Mark 16:12-13)April 28, 2019 We’ve been looking at Mark’s account of the life and ministry of Jesus.  So I wanted to include his reference to this story for today. (That’s the part in parentheses.) Mark’s account is much more

Go and Tell – April 21, 2019, Easter Sunday!

Mark 16:1-8April 21, 2019, Easter! The Lord is Risen! This is the event that changed history – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  That’s what we celebrate today!  And hopefully you celebrate that in your own life, too!  And I don’t just