For a number of years now, the combined camping ministry of the Philadelphia and Lehigh Presbyteries has truly been blessed!  This Summer looks to have an increase in campers for the first time in years!

It was finally decided that the name of the camp should remain the traditional one – Kirkwood.  Camp Brainerd was closed after many years of service, and the Lehigh Presbytery has decided to let the previous name of their name go with honor and thanksgiving.  So, Kirkwood is now once again, Kirkwood.  It is a combined ministry between our two great presbyteries!

There are reminders, though.  Several items from Brianerd were moved over and are now in use at Kirkwood.  The most noticeable are, the Gorman Ruth Chapel, the circle swings, and of course, the bell!  Also two of the new cabins serve as reminders.  One has been named the “Lehigh Cabin,” and the other is the “Brainerd Cabin.” 

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