Month: December 2017

Nations Shall Come to Your Light – December 31, 2017, Epiphany

Isaiah 60:1-7, Matthew 2:1-12 December 31, 2017

Light in the Darkness Christmas Eve, 2017

We’ve been talking a lot this year about the Prologue to John’s Gospel. In it we have this great imagery of the light of Christ coming to a darkened world. That’s one of the greatest images of Christmas. We will

Christmas Even Morning, 2017, a sermon by Harold Pugh

I open with a short poem of sorts. It is based on the haiku concept of creating an impression in a limited space, in this case 11 syllables, focused on the word “joy”.   forgiveness invokes love, frees souls, ignites

Hope for the World – December 17, 2017, the Third Sunday of Advent

December 17, 2017, 9:00 AM

Peace on Earth – December 10, 2017, The Second Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 60:1-6, Luke 2:8-14 December 10, 2017

A Better Understanding – December 3, 2017, The First Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 9:1-7, John 1:1-14 December 3, 2017